Our features and news in this issue of Venue cover a broad spectrum of what is known as the ‘creative industries’. We are featuring retrospectives of the work of giants of the recent past, alongside new work from successful contemporary practitioners, and exciting innovations from emerging talent.  Each is testament to the rich seam of creative talent that abounds not just in our region but across the country.
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It is probably fair to say that in many cases the first stirrings and nurturing of this creativity begin in our early years, at home perhaps, at school, and in our community. It is therefore rather alarming that reports are emerging of the possibility of future cuts in the provision of craft education in schools. Apart from enriching our lives, there is clear evidence of the vital economic contribution the creative sectors make in the UK – indeed, amounting to billions of pounds to the economy each year (for example, GVA [gross value added] of the creative industries was £71.4 billion in 2012 and accounted for 5.2 per cent of the UK economy). These industries also
create millions of jobs. These are hard facts: the figures have been widely publicised by the Arts Council and by the Government, and should be taken into account by education decision-makers. It could not be clearer to us that to deny young people their introduction to finding and developing the ‘creator’ in themselves is not just unfortunate for them – we will all be losers as a result.
Fran Goss Editor
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to find and read your magazine, you are a wonderfully strong voice for the arts in East Anglia, it's a classy read, I am definitely going to subscribe!
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 Maurice Blik had been a prisoner of Bergen Belsen when, towards the end of World War 2, he was put on a train by the Nazis and consequently rescued by horse-riding Cossacks. As Rod Shone found, this life-saving event has had profound influence on Blik’s work as a sculptor.
 Photo © Rod Shone
John Carrod talks to legendary jazz musician and producer Marcus Miller, about his remarkable life in music.
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