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In putting together each issue of Venue, we are never disappointed with the range and quality of the arts initiatives and events we have in our region and neighbouring counties, nor with the remarkable creative talent and outstanding arts venues to be found here. With so much going on, our challenge is always finding enough space to cover everything we would like to include. In this issue we showcase the work of painters, printmakers, potters, multi-media artists, designers and architects, and have reports of exciting film and drama productions, classical concerts and music reviews.
 Whilst we hesitate to get into any Brexit debate, we do have an interest in anything that is likely to affect arts funding that could in turn affect the wellbeing of the arts in our region. In this context, we can report that the Arts Council has opened discussions about the implications of leaving the EU for the future funding for arts and culture, the freedom of movement of artists, and the cultural priorities of the any new administration. The Arts Council have said they ‘will work with DCMS, the Treasury and the Department for Exiting the European Union to ensure that the position of arts and culture is included in the considerations and negotiations accompanying our exit from the EU.’  
They acknowledge that a vibrant and resilient arts and culture sector needs international collaboration and exchange, and have undertaken to ‘do all that we can to promote and protect these essential relationships.’ Venue readers are well aware of the ways in which art and culture can help us to be happier and healthier people and can make our region a vibrant and creative environment in which to live. It is perhaps worth reminding ourselves as well of the UK’  s reputation for innovation, our prominence in the international art world, and the huge contribution the arts make to our economy. The Arts Council offers other useful reminders: art and culture ‘open our minds and stir our hearts; inspire our children so they can flourish; help us understand our past, and show us how we can shape the future; and help us build better places
to live and work, and improve our health and
 Surely the best of reasons for art and culture to be high on everyone’s agenda.
Fran Goss Editor
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Anomaly Series 1, VII
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Venue directory 2017
Now online and  distrubuted throughout our region from January 2017
Venue’s Annual Directory, which was published in January 2017, is an invaluable reference source of information on the region’s practitioners, creative spaces, galleries, arts education and services for arts and crafts. It is the go-to source of information on who’s doing what, and where to find them in East Anglia and neighbouring counties. To find out more about securing your entry in next year’s publication, please contact: