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We have on numerous occasions commented on the major contribution the arts and creative industries make to our country’s economy – a contribution, according to figures publicised by the Government and the Arts Council, amounting to billions of pounds each year, as well as creating millions of jobs.  The recent Culture White Paper published by the Government sets out their vision for the art and culture sectors over the coming years, and is a welcome vote of confidence in the vital contribution these sectors make to all our lives. However, the Paper also highlights challenges to funding, especially outside London. The Arts Council, which recently celebrated its 70th birthday, is a key source of funding and has committed to work with the Government and local authorities to find innovative ideas to support these sectors, including engaging with young people to ensure they can create, compose and perform as well as visit, experience and participate.
Whilst Venue is primarily concerned with promoting the eastern region’s
creative community, there are occasions when we are alerted to a need for action to preserve historic
works.  One such alert is a campaign to save the former home of Foyles Bookshop in Charing Cross Road, London, which is an important piece of the city’s architectural heritage. Many will remember the joys of browsing and buying in Foyles, including millions of overseas tourists for whom Foyles was a magnet. Soho Estates are trying to demolish the historic building and replace it with a modern structure. The demolition is opposed by English Heritage, the Victorian Society, and the Twentieth Century Society, and numerous other organisations, but it has been approved by Westminster Council. As a last chance to halt these plans, an online petition has been set up calling on the Mayor of London to use his powers to stop this demolition, and readers can help by signing this, and passing on the information to family, friends and colleagues. The petition is online at
Fran Goss Editor
The news, reviews and articles in this issue of Venue show just how wide-ranging our creative talent is in East Anglia and neighbouring counties. We are showcasing the work of the region’s skilled artists, craftspeople, designers, architects, sculptors, photographers, writers, musicians, and performers, as well as the first-class galleries, exhibition spaces, theatres, and concert halls which abound here. Through our London Beat columns, which highlight some of the world-class events in what is regarded as the arts capital of the world, we aim to show the context within which they work.
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Venue Cover: Figure with Cockerel (detail)
Michael Rothenstein, mixed media c1948,
Fry Art Gallery
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Venue directory 2017
Now online and  distrubuted throughout our region from January 2017
Venue’s Annual Directory, which will be published during January 2017, is an invaluable reference source of information on the region’s practitioners, creative spaces, galleries, arts education and services for arts and crafts. It is the go-to source of information on who’s doing what, and where to find them in East Anglia and neighbouring counties. To find out more about securing your entry in the publication, please contact