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Kandy Dancer SriLanka © JohnCarrod.jpg
Silver House-Boy SriLanka © JohnCarrod.jpg
Stall holders Sri Lanka © John Carrod 2013
Kandy Dancer Sri Lanka © John Carrod 2013
Wedding Dancers SriLanka © JohnCarrod.jpg
Wedding Dancers Sri Lanka © John Carrod 2013
Welsh summer holiday ©-J Carrod Sml.jpg
The deer departed ©-J Carrod Sml.jpg
John Carrod Photography
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Snowdon1348-©-J Carrod Sml.jpg
A welcome in the hillside © JCarrod Sml.jpg
Naval Guns(606) © Jcarrod.jpg
Anish Kapoor Olympic Tower (34) © Jcarrod.jpg
Olympic Camera Men file(276)© Jcarrod.jpg
Queue here - jcarrod file(693)© Jcarrod.jpg
At the water jump 2012 Olympics  John Carrod 2012
Waiting for the tram  John Carrod 2012
Near miss Anish Kapoor Olympic Tower
John Carrod 2012
A welcome in the hill-side  John Carrod 2013
The deer departed  John Carrod 2011
Coastal defence John Carrod 2011
A train passes Snowdon Mountain Railway 
John Carrod 2011
Summer holiday in Wales Morfa Nefyn, Gwynedd
John Carrod 2011
John Carrod Photography
Many shots of Sri Lankan life available
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‘Silver’: House Boy Sri Lanka © John Carrod 2013